Welcome to NCAD Show 2020, our digital catalogue documenting the work of our 2020 Graduating Students; an extraordinary group of students who have completed their journey at NCAD during extraordinary times.

The closure of the College campus for the last few months of their graduating year radically redefined the context for our graduates’ work to be conceived, made and experienced. The documentation displayed in this expanded digital catalogue reflects a move to digital realisation and is testament to the creative resilience and dedication the students have demonstrated over the last few months, as well as importantly, their hard work and commitment in getting to this point of completing their creative journey with NCAD.

An education at NCAD is the starting point for generations of bold and curious minds that have made an enormous contribution to society in many different ways. Experimentation in the studio, learning through doing, deep understanding of materials and processes, as well as the criticality that is embedded across all pathways, prepare graduates to thrive in and beyond the worlds of art and design. We cannot predict the kind of world our graduates will be working in, but we do know that the imagination, creativity and critical thinking they have gained through their time at NCAD will equip them to make an impact in whatever path they follow. At times like these we need thinkers and doers who are not afraid to ask questions, adapt and lead, and this generation of NCAD graduates’ creativity and resilience will benefit us all in years to come.

2020 is a year for many things being done differently and we will be approaching the showcasing of our graduates’ work differently this year also. As a central element of our Graduate 2020 programme, this digital catalogue functions as an evolving platform that will document a range of physical and virtual presentations and events that will take place over the coming months. Students will also be given the opportunity to update their work following a return to the studios and workshops on Campus during September. Details of the programme will be updated on the events page of this catalogue and via NCAD’s social media channels.

Congratulations to all our graduating students, we are extremely proud of all that you have achieved and we look forward to following your creative journeys in the future.

Professor Sarah Glennie