Zisong Zhang

My Precious

‘One man's trash is another man's treasure’. My collection is about values. The orange peel material I utilise is highly valuable to me, but it would be trash in the eyes of other people. In my thesis I discovered that diamonds are not actually as valuable as they seem to be. Their high price is a result of the limited amount released onto the market at any one time, the clever marketing, and the skills involved in the making process. What if my material is treated like diamonds? With a finely-crafted finish, attractive ads and meticulous packaging, would it be as valuable as diamonds eventually?
For my material I chose to use orange peels, because I enjoy turning trash into treasure. After two years of experimenting, I figured out a workable process resulting in a firm, durable and unique material using only orange peels and water.

1. Neck piece
  1. Neck piece
2. Single ring
  1. Single ring
3. Double ring no.1
  1. Double ring no.1
4. Double ring no.2
  1. Double ring no.2
5. Triple ring no.1
  1. Triple ring no.1
6. Triple ring no.2
  1. Triple ring no.2
7. Quadruple ring no.1
  1. Quadruple ring no.1
8. Quadruple ring no.2
  1. Quadruple ring no.2
9. Earring
  1. Earring
10. Earring
  1. Earring