Rosie Feerick

Interrogate, Ride On

The galvanised gate is a metaphor for our interaction with life. The light is a representation of our consciousness, and the dark, our unconscious. Taking this metaphor, the artist asks how is it you approach this installation? How is it you approach what is in the light/ what you are aware of/ what is conscious? Do you go through the gate? Over it? How much do you explore it? How involved are our bodies and senses in interrogating this gate?
Feerick's second piece is a looped video, which again questions our mind-body connection to consciousness. ‘Ride On’ was shot in Jericho in Palestine in April 2019. Moved by the deep affinity between man and horse, the artist found that the humanity of the moment transcended the circumstances they were set in (Arfat, 21 in the video, is from the Jahlin Bedouin Community, a displaced nomadic minority people who now have refugee status).

Images • 1 —Interrogate / Small Scale Studio Shot. • 2 — Ride On / Still from video piece (See link below). Video Piece - Ride On / Documented in April 2019.


•	1 —Interrogate / Small Scale Studio Shot.

• 1 —Interrogate / Small Scale Studio Shot.