Paurush Rathi

Untangle – Find your feet again

'Untangle' is a platform that helps people going through a relationship breakup for the first time, by providing them with a means to address their distress. Its primary aim is to make them self reliant, with secondary features designed to provide support through the community.
The key problem for people going through breakups for the first time is the novelty of the experience – it’s uncharted territory. They do not know what to do and whether it will be okay or not. So the app offers them a safe space to seek advice and share success stories with 100% anonymity.
Untangle takes the users through a journey of moving on through a series of questions that are aimed to help them articulate their thoughts and analyse their experience in a rational way. It gives them an opportunity to reflect upon their thoughts and track their progress when they start to question themselves.

1 - Calendar tracks your emotional progress. 2 - Daily feed to keep you in touch with the community. 3 - Diary to help you articulate your thoughts and feelings. 4 - Gratitude jar stores your happy memories. 5 - Untangle: Find your feet again!