Louise Gardiner


‘Vestige’ is a reinvention of the relic. A relic is something of significance from an earlier time; Vestige is transporting that relic into contemporary life.

We all have that meaningful object that can anchor a world of memories, emotions and feelings – a remnant of the past.
Taking stories from my thesis research, I developed my work by collecting unique, subjective experiences which the participants have encountered with fellow humans in their lives. I have merged my own research with that of symbolic religious relics, imagery and artefacts to visually present the entwined notions of love and memory.
The use of colour is important within my collection as it speaks of symbolism, time and renewal. Traditional materials such as gold leaf and flocking have been combined with more contemporary and industrial techniques such as powder coating.
Vestige aims to embody the conflicted relationships we as humans have with each other, figuring out how to love and lose each other through history, religion, ritual and hope.