Helena Murray

Abandoned Structures in the Landscape

My practice centres on the exploration of place, location and abandoned structures in the landscape.

• Abandoned buildings/ places where nature erodes, degrades and impacts on them.
• Buildings boarded-up resounding with atmosphere of abandonment, neglect, and dilapidation. Structures near collapse with temporary supports seemingly have no value, but still protected and secured in some way.
• Entrances blocked off, but buildings still open to the elements.

Locations investigated:

 Bull Island: the impact of the sea, wind, and erosion on manmade structures resulting in degrading and rusting of metal and deterioration of concrete.
 Kerry Houses and farm outbuildings in Black Valley – house abandoned and boarded-up, but has new roof and new lock on door.
 Dun Laoghaire School House: Old windows in abandoned and derelict schoolhouse allowing a view of walled garden beyond. Each window is unique in form and deterioration, missing glass but offering individual and different aspects of the view beyond.

Captions included with images

Captions included with images