Ellie Shortall

Confessions from the Future

Humans have grown to increasingly depend on technology to live, adapt and survive. We now live in a Posthuman era. Our being has become an accumulation of both our physical and digital selves, in combining these we can fully see the new body. When humans become so connected to screens, we are becoming as malleable as the screens themselves.

As the virtual representation of material transcends the need for the physical, there creates a need to interrogate and represent material objects that occupy our physical world and place them in a new space. We must move past the separation of the physical and digital worlds as separate entities. We can’t see the space or dimension in which these combine, so in theory this space is ‘No Where’.

User_Ellie_104 is living in her virtual environment called ‘No Where’, and she has a few things to confess to you about what life is really like stuck in the future. User_Ellie_104 has decided to collaborate with her past, present and future self and ask many questions about how we inform the digitally predicted self and how we might disrupt the system that created it.